Knowing what sunshine is in your heart,
is so much more than just an other silly metaphor.

Like that time you made my father young again, for a glimpse of time, by handing him the last Autumn flower.  It’s good to believe in impossible things,

knowing that dragons may fly if you ask them to. Any of those colours hidden in the wind are right at the very tip of your paintbrush. Ascend for love’s sake, and rather than your own. Even when the earth is doomed,
knowing that time is not against us. It’s the sole thing we ever get for free.

Grab it! And never let go, for as long as you’ve got any paint left. Let it flow, let it sing, let it dance.

Gaia herself is a giving canvas.

Toten, Norway – October 2006. Inspired by Eve Ensler: Embrace your inner girl | Video on

Photography by I.T Hammar.  I am in front of the camera, can you imagine?
We used to make whole series this way, switching between acting as model and photographer. So if anyone has seen any pictures of striking similarity to this work, that’s perfectly fine. No it’s more than fine, it’s simply great!
The Deviant Art community is one of the places where the two of us grew up, and at least it was a good isle in the wast sea of world-wide web. What it’s like these days, I can’t tell. Would you happen to know anything about this?

A teenage girl doing a box split jump with wearing a corset and a long skirt

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