Momental Impressions is Moving – Major Site Change!

Girl posing holding an old rangefinder camera

Momental Impressions is dead. Sort of.

This photo blog began as a side project, a very long time ago.  During the years it became the only thing I’ve kept up with, funny as it might sound. Because no matter how much turbulence life brought, I would always sign in to this place again. Later more often than sooner, but it would happen. Always.

Even when I’ve beaten myself to pieces for not taking “blogging” more serious; I would always flee when some sort of success headed my direction, and hated myself afterwards. This site has been the site of freedom. A haven where I could crawl, cry and create without anyone really caring. Who reads poetry anyway?

Telling the truth: some people actually do. And that’s how you meet so many great and inspiring people🙂 Thank you guys! (and girls!!!)

So now I’m packing pretty much all my stuff, and making a move. Why? You may ask. The answer is quite simple: I need my “name” back. And even though it might surprise someone; there’s more to life than more-or-less pretty images and haiku-ish thoughts. Unfortunately, maybe…

On the other hand; having an unofficiall ramble-place, a dancing floor on my own. Where every moment is just as important as the next, has in some way become a way of life. And In the end, celebrating life is something which you can’t do too often.

The only thing which is changing, is that I now know where in life I want need to be, therefore I’m taking my name back. To continue the path started when I first entered the fabulous thingy named the internet.

See you around! 🙂

2 thoughts

  1. Very sad to hear it. I do hope you’ll leave a forwarding address. I’ve always loved your photos and writing. You are able to capture, some angle . . . some view . . . not quite like any other, yet recognizable. Thanks again for all you’ve shared here.

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