I Could Have Told You So, but You Woudn’t Have Listened

Apparently, the world is full of people who gets things done. No matter what, they are absolutely marvelous at fixing everything. And I am slightly jealous, of these people. Even though I reckon I might just have imagined their existence in the first place. But the thing is, I can not have imagined everyone, because the half of the internet is bragging about their super-productive lives. And the other half is whining that they can’t make it happen. There must be a middle road somewhere, right? Or perhaps a zigzag road or something.

One way of solving this problem is by being your own mean boss. The one that frees yourself from procrastinating everything by playing the responsibility vs. guilt card. But this card removes all the fun and nice things in the world as well. In the long run. I know, I played it for years. And at some point it stopped working. I was not getting things done, and yet I felt the guilt and the shame of not living up to so-called responsibilities. Not fun. At. All.

One other one is to run away. I am particularity gifted at running away. On time I even moved to the other side of the country, just to get away form everything I love doing. This makes total sense. At least it did at the time. Well, it didn’t really solve anything (major disappointment). And I am back. Here. Now. Home with my parents during Christmas. Hurrays!

So, when walking the dogs (while my mind tried making sense of time management) it dawned upon me: while not do the fun part first. Or at least some part of it first. Like walking the dogs before reading articles on Major World Problems (MWPs), or edit some images before cleaning the kitchen table. This is really incompatible with protestant work ethics (which is basically do things, don’t complain, rewards some later – like in heaven or something), and everything I’ve been brought up to do. Like doing something miserable boring stuffs to get happy next year. Perhaps. Because when I do things I enjoy, I get happier, and get more energy to do the things I don’t necessarily like. This is a proven fact, at least in my life. But I’ve failed to recognize its importance. Until today, when a moment of clarity emerged underneath branches birches. (yes this post would never have come to life without WordPress’ very own Daily Promts.  Without it I’ve would never have told anyone about this).

So from now on, this will a rule or a point for navigating through this world. Why? Because I love doing things, but not necessarily the way things are supposed to get done. This sometimes cause problems (like I have no idea how to properly do anything). And sometimes pleasant surprises. I wish for more of the latter. Thank you very much.

Photograph of a dog sighing

Toten, Desember 2013

Dogs never get epiphanies. Dogs are epiphanies and moments of clarity. In case you’re wondering.

Yup, I did get a lot of useful things done after writing this post. Like taking notes about epistemology and writing even more:)

Any thoughts?

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