Goodbye 2013 – the Year of Colours

Standing outside my parents’ house, looking at the fireworks. How they glimmer far in the horizon. Making sounds that scare the dogs half to death, and annoys their owners even more. Owners like my Mum. And dogs like Edda. 2013 was the year of colours. 365 days devoted to colour photography. Me, shooting in colour (yikes, even colour film) for twelve months. It does perhaps not sound too special, I get that, but for me it was a challenge. The challenge. And at times more than just slightly annoying.

I grew up in a home with paintings and drawings on the walls. Not family portraits. No, that’s wrong. My parents have one corner with photographs of friends and relatives. One corner, in a house full of corners and books. What’s lacking there is wall space. And that’s the way it has always been. Some of the drawings are in colour, but far from all. Whenever I picture in my mind a quadrilateral consisting of an image in colour, I think of it as a painting. Or a frozen image from a movie. Aka a “snap”.

There’s nothing rational too it. Nothing. I’ll be the first one admitting that. But my crazy association skills are a part of the story of why. Why photography is black and white. Even when it’s not. 2013 was the year of figuring this out. Unraveling my fear and annoyance of working in colour.  Why I never felt safe doing that, not trusting that I even could or knew how. People going on and on and ranting about white balance, saturation, vibrancy and the lack of thereof did not help. Not at all. Colour photography was a whole new chapter about thing that could go wrong. Things that would go wrong. And a lot of nobody would like my pictures any more.

I would not say that the opposite of my fears happened. Because in truth, barely anyone has seen the pictures I made last year. There hasn’t been time. Showing and sharing has never been my among my strengths, and doing this big, scary, frightening, challenging process was tough enough by itself. Sorta. Except from the fact that is was not. And some got to see my pictures.
This sounds really contradictory, right? But it is all true.

Anyways, I learned a lot. Learning experiences are like treasures. Or treasure chests. Boxes of new, exiting moments wanted to be found, looked at, felt and known. Colours are awesome. Magical. They are everywhere. No need for explanations. At least not spelled out in words.

From "Frank Walker # 3" at Det Norske Studentersamfund 2013

From “Frank Walker # 3” at Det Norske Studentersamfund 2013

Yes, as I am sure you’ve guessed by now, greeting the 2013/2014 New Year’s  fireworks with a camera was the last time in colours. At least for the next 365 days. What a strange, reassuring and fantastic year 2014 shall be. Just because I say so.


Any thoughts?

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