All the Whos, the Whys and the Whats of This Blog

Hi, and welcome to my favourite place on the internet.
Grab some cookies, some coffee or tea (it’s cold outside, so here’s something to keep you warm). And I’ll give you a tour of my imagined castle:

This little tiny place of mine has been a photoblog, evolved into whatever, been shut down, had major spring cleanings on the way. For the past 3-4 years it’s been a place of nothingness. I never meant for it to take that long, but obviously it did. Renovation takes time. Especially when one want to make sure everything looks right instead of just being functional. Function and form are sometimes the same thing. At least when it comes to online showrooms (aka blogs).

Have a look around!

On the other hand, this has always been a place of dreams and possibility. The space I would use for doing what-I’ve-always-wanted-to-do-but-have-been-too-afraid-to-do-or-have’nt-known-how-to-get-done. And the funny thing is, that I still don’t (why do you think I am rambling like this, and never getting to any points what so ever?). Not knowing, or not knowing how to explain is okay. Unfortunately, it took me about 3-4 years figuring that out.

Because you see, when I grow up I want this place to be a scene, a library and a gallery. A place for connecting dots, and finding new dots that  do or do not fit the pattern. What pattern? The one covering  life, universe & everything (and doesn’t make any sense at all). That pattern. The pattern?

A place for exploration.

Sometimes the dots consists of art, any kind of art or cultural thing of interest, sometimes of politics. Sometimes the dot will be a room where everything is not wrong, and sometimes perhaps just a single image.
I promise that I will not make sense of Major World Problems, nor tiny world problems. But I’ll still look at them, study them, and see what happens. Because that’s what I’ve been doing all my life, and that is who I am. A learner, who hopes that perhaps someone would like to learn with her.

Now I’ve sorta covered the whys and the whats, but what about the whos?

Okay. Time for presenting myself. My name is Feanare, even when it’s not, and I live in Oslo.  For the past couple of years I’ve been busy trying to understand Development (see Major World Problems). Before that I studied art, before that again photography.  And before that? Music. And some (no, almost too much) dance and a small slice of theatre. All of this happened after I was a 14-year-old wanna-be-poet and illustrator who started her own blog. Yikes. Time flies.

Would you like some refill in that cup of yours?

A Picture of me (Feanare)

Oslo, 2013

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