The Importance of Naming the Whys

(Drumroll) Today we have a blank, new sign. See, there, underneath the tagline header? A bit to the left? Yes?

Painting Realities.

The words have been on the tip of my fingers for at least six months. Working themselves into ideas and sketches. Even drafts. Lots of drafts, many thoughts, but none for you guys to look at. This little castle of mine has been seemingly empty, and it didn’t feel safe putting up a brand new sign. It still doesn’t. Because signs are important. Names are too. Words describing our activities perhaps even more so. Important. And I wanted to be sure that the words were right. For me. This time around. Just like they used to be, with for instance “Momental Impressions” (the old sign, now still a functional photoblog).

Painting is both about describing, picturing, as well as to actually paint. – One self into a corner perhaps?
Reality is here now, and still something we perhaps never can understand, only measure, or something we make up (depending on whom you might ask). It is about facts, yet highly relative. Perhaps realities is a better phrasing, because I don’t intend to just picture my reality here. Just some understandings and the lack of therof.

Pain. Ting (the way I natively spell “thing”). Picturing stuffs from the real word, sharing them and noticing what happens. Pa, my father is in playing the note B (ti) on a no good (ng) trombone. Just because he can.

Rea is the Swedish word for sale (as least when written like this REA! in a store front). Re comes after do and is actually do when played on a Bb Clarinet (not making this up, promise). Ali is a guy I went to school with. He was not in my class, but nice never the less. Y – the question I ask all the time, but that no one seems to answer.

That’s why I have this space. To look at all the y’s. See how they transform and shift through the act of being looked at.

This place became nameless for so long. Each time I entered, the whys changed into new possibilities. And then they never settled. Because each new why brought a new how and what, and when those were solved another why cried for attention. So from now on, this is the corner where I paint the whys. Fill them with art, literature, music and dreams. There is hope for the whys, and they seem to like that.

Today I am putting up a new sign. The elves made it. And it fits.

Seriously, what would one do with life, the arts and everything, if one isn’t free to paint one’s own reality?

Oslo, 2012

Oslo, 2012

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