Dokfoto 2015 – Day 2

Dokfoto is an annual two-day documentary photography festival in Oslo. My wrap up of day one is right over here.

The last presentation on Friday was was about war photography in Israel/Palestine. The first show on Saturday featured the same area, but from a totally different angle.

> We should give fake pregnancy bellies to women on difficult assignments.

Tanya Habjouqa is a Jordanian documentary photographer working and living in Palestine. Coming from the rat race of news photography she shared her journey towards a slower shooting style; finding her own voice in a scene where the images of stereotypes are screaming the loudest.

Right now she is running a Kickstarter campaign to publish a book version of “Occupied Pleasures”. A body of work concerning simple pleasures, joys, play and everyday life of the Palestinian occupied reality.

> Tahrir was the best time of my life

Laura El-Tantaway released a book about four days ago. A printed version of her very personal project [“In the Shadow of the Pyramids”]( “In the Shadow of the Pyramids”, where she is connecting the dots between her own upbringing, living abroad, coming back to Cairo and the Egyptian experience of the Arab Spring.

The story starts in 2005 with the death of her grandparents and continues through 2014 when she realizes she doesn’t know how to cope with the politics and struggles any longer. I recall seeing her pictures from Tahrir Square in Burn Magazine, and now being able to listen to her voice talking about the experience was worth more than I can describe.

> One doesn’t get any wiser with age.

Eugene Richards, the headliner of the festival, photographs hospital beds, emergency rooms, abandoned homes, gang members, dying KKK leaders and military veterans. People, people, people. Faces, close up. Persons incarnating social issues, while still representing themselves.

Among the vast body of work he talked about, there were some beautiful multimedia pieces. The most breathtaking of these is without doubt the multimedia wrap up of Exploding Into Life by Mr. Richards and his now late wife Dorothea Lynch. Where she is reading from her diary, battling breast cancer, and he’s documenting everything.

Any thoughts?

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