Portfolio: “New York – Imagined” (A Photographic Poem)

There are places we feel we know. Even though we’ve never been there. Places that feel familiar at first sight. – even though they might turn out surprisingly different from anything we know in the end.

Where ever we go, as humans, we are always interacting with spaces and the places around us through our understanding and acknowledgement of what’s there. Our memories, hopes, dreams and emotions are always connected to the now. Interacting. Making us do strange things.

Making us notice even stranger things.

This is my first meeting with NYC. It wasn’t love at first sight. Love at first date, perhaps. But it lead into a two-week affair of pure passion.

I’ve never been the same since.

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In 2010 a heat wave hit New York, just after Easter. A week later Eyjafjallajökull stopped all airline traffic in and out of Europe. Leaving me, and the rest of my class, stuck in NYC for an additional week.

It was hell. It was fun.

I was deeply worried I hadn’t brought enough film. But then B&H came to a rescue. So I got my pictures. All of them. And then some more.

Originally published on “Momental Impressions” under the title Lovesongs of New York/New York Imagined. It became the photographic body of work I was actually happy with. The images spoke to me, and looked like real photographs.

And I (!) was actually their maker.

These images of Nw York also became the content of my first photobook (which had a very limited edition of two copies), that I am currently remaking into something new.

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