Portfolio: “Hello Earth” – Staged Self-Portraits

Dancing with an imaginary opponent or partner. A tree wearing clothes?

Collection of eight self portraits

All eight images from the “Hello Earth” series. Skjeberg, 2009

These images were taken in 2009. Two or three years before selfie became the thing everyone was sick of hearing about. Originally they were a part of a school assignment, where we were asked to do our own thing drawing on various magazine photos for inspiration. I got a page from Wallpaper featuring a fashion shoot with two people, in black and white. From there I took the rhythm and the feel and adapted it to something a little less urban.

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I am all about screaming quietly. For me, this piece was always about relations. Relationships. And… Extreme loneliness. How we can harness a sense of purpose and powerfulness from both being connected and being alone.

The feeling that anything is possible. Even when it’s not.

And all you can do is to keep dancing with whatever life throws at you; it’s the best chance you’ve got.



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